LeadSafe Construction Supervisors

Why choose LeadSafe Supervisors ?

The LeadSafe Supervisors programme has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the construction and infrastructure industry, to lift the leadership and safety capability of all frontline leaders.

Endorsed by Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) and ACC; LeadSafe Supervisors is the new benchmark in construction for supervisors, creating a common language and skill set that will lift our performance as an industry.


$1,250.00 + GST per person *

*Programmes require 12 participants per group / per organisation

*Does not include travel, venue or catering costs










"I spoke to probably my hardest nut on the program Tuesday and after his first block, the feedback from him was so positive it was totally out of character. Talking to his workmates he and the others are also making an effort in the field more than normal.
Your program is definitely making a difference, thank you."
Construction Manager


The programme can be run throughout the year at a time that suits your business.  


How long is it?

 The programme is two full-days which are best run two weeks apart giving participants time to practice and apply their skills.



Available in all key regions throughout NZ.   If your business falls outside of these, please contact us and we will happily provide you with a quote accordingly. 

What will my supervisors learn?

This is not just another safety course.  Safety leadership is about “what goes on when no-one is watching”.  It’s about what you do as a leader on site every day. These skills will lead to a safer and more productive worksite.  It will also help to prepare your frontline leaders to take the ConstructSafe Tier 3 Competency Assessment.

These two days will provide your supervisors with the skills to set the tone as a leader.  

They will learn to:



Develop good communication skills that will enable them to have effective safety conversations


Lead from the front

Walk the talk. Role model the desired skills, safety attitudes and behaviours required on site - including with sub-contractors


Assess risk

Proactively assess safety risks and to drive safe attitudes and working methods


Use Safety Systems

Effectively use the safety tools and systems (hazard management, risk identification and assessment,  incident investigation) to get better work outcomes


Understand their responsibilities

Clearly understand their roles and responsibilities as a safety leader and be proactively involved in the management of safety on site, every day



Positively influence and rectify inappropriate safety behaviour


"Dave, you and the team have smashed it, really taken on board the industry feedback and have turned out a quality product.  Really pleased to see the leadership skills weaved through the material - it's top-shelf mate!”

Construction Industry Advisor




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